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Home inspection and foundation issues

So spring time is upon us, the ground water needs to move. Your home inspection includes looking for foundation issues.

Have you started your journey into purchasing a home, do you think you need a home inspection?

One of the area’s a home inspector will be looking at is the exterior of the foundation as well as the interior side of the foundation, that is the parts of the foundation which are visible.

If you want a dry home, the roof is not the only part that stops water.

The foundation is one of the leading factors when it comes to wet basements.

As a result, it is my opinion that nearly all foundations will have a fault of some sort.

I find that older block foundations as well as new poured foundations have cracks. Some small, some large.

Whether it be a settlement crack or a heave crack, it is still waters best friend.

Once water gets into a crack it will freeze and cause the crack to expand. this is inevitable. a crack must be fixed.

There are several reasons why cracks show up in foundations, ask me and I will tell you!

If you have bought a house and have had an inspection, make sure that the report includes the foundation.

During your inspection, walk around the exterior and interior, look for cracks and take pictures.

If you find a crack as a result of walking around, ask the inspector about it, make sure he or she has disclosed this.

A good home inspector will find cracks, if you find one but the inspector did not, let him or her know.

All home inspectors are trained to find visual defects however, we are human and could miss a crack.

Home inspection is an integral part of purchasing a home.

Foundation cracks found during a home inspection.
Foundation Crack

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