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Home Inspections In Todays Market

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Home Inspections

With todays market, home inspections are being waved, inflated sales have caused the ability to include a home inspection in offers to be an instant loss of purchase.

As a result the highest offer which does not include conditions will win the purchase.

I personally do hope that this will change soon!

Home buyers need to know what they are buying before closing on an offer.

If home inspections are not performed on a home purchasers are literally taking a gamble on the words, “as is”.

One of the results could very well be in the area of the water supply system, for instance.

Many homes built used Poly B supply lines, So your offer has been accepted, you can’t back out now.

The one question your insurance agent will ask is, “What plumbing material is used in the home”.

You might take a look and read off the name on that grey pipe, oh the house has poly B (Polybutylene).

Your insurance agent is going to make it clear that you need to remove and have new plumbing installed.

Replacing the Poly B is the plumbing only.

You now have to, in most cases have a drywaller come in to repair those walls and ceilings.

Possibly a tile guy to replace or completely re tile a wall or two because now that tile is out dated.

Sellers please do not put buyers in a position where they are not granted the right to a home inspection.

Many people simply do not have the thousands of dollars for repairs.

I am aware that a home inspection could result in a buyer not closing on a deal, this does not mean that your house will not sell.

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