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The New Era of Home Inspections

Buyers are feeling pressure in the new era of home inspections.

Many feel they have to waive that home inspection condition.

You have to be comfortable with your decision and the risk you are taking on.

In todays market buyers often find themselves competing against multiple offers.

Today homes are selling over the asking price, it also means that many buyers are making unconditional offers.

Realtors will tell you that putting a home inspection condition in will kill the offer.

There are ways to protect yourself and we are here to help you do just that!

Is it still possible for buyers to protect themselves against hidden defects and costly repairs.

In the new era of home inspections the simple answer is yes.

Doing a pre-inspection although on your own dime is something I highly recommend. As a home inspector I can do a walk-through with you prior to putting your offer in.

There is another option for homebuyers.

You can request access to the property for an inspection between the time when a deal goes firm, and possession date.

Getting out of a deal prior to or after the closing date isn’t easy, your lawyer can help you if an inspection turns up a serious problem.

A buyer always has the option of hiring a home inspector after they take possession.

Doing so gives you an understanding of the property. and may help you prioritize and budget for future repairs and maintenance.

Sellers have the legal obligation to disclose any “latent defects”.

Latent defects can render a home uninhabitable and can come at a very high cost to repair. Both sellers and their realtors can face lawsuits if they knowingly fail to disclose a major issue with a property.

As a Home Inspector I can help purchasers to overcome the obstacles of a home inspection.

Defining Defects

Patent or Latent?

A patent defect is an obvious flaw that would be found by a reasonably prudent buyer without disrupting the property.

Example is a crack on the side of the home, a hole in the wall that is a visually observable.

A seller has no obligation to bring patent defects to the attention of a buyer.

A seller must not take steps to deliberately hide such defects.

A buyer assumes the risk of a defect which was visually observable.

This means that it is the buyer’s responsibility to examine the property and discover patent defects.

A latent defect is one that is hidden and not readily apparent to a buyer upon reasonable inspection.

An example of a latent defect could be a leaky foundation which the seller has not disclosed.

Another could be a problem with electrical or plumbing.

An attempt to cover up or over a latent defect can be grounds for legal action against the seller.

What Are Your Rights In The New Era

The following is a snippet, always contact your lawyer for assistance!

In the province of Ontario, a buyer has two years from the day on which a latent defect was discovered to begin a lawsuit. 

The two year period starts to run on the day on which the buyer first knew of the defect or on the day on which a reasonable person with the abilities and in the circumstances of the buyer would have become aware of the defect. 

When found, there is often a presumption against the seller that they knew about the latent defect.

The seller must show that he/she could not possibly have known of the defect, instead of the buyer having to show that the seller knew about the defect.

If it can be shown that the seller could not have known about the defect and was not willfully blind to the existence of the defect, then the buyer’s claim will not move forward.

Our Services

As times change, so do we.

A new era means new ways.

In this Era of home inspections we are here to help you along the way.

So, to simply state, we will walk with you!

There are major aspects to a home, it takes a professional to find issues with a home.

Our “Walk Through” service is a basic yet comprehensive service and a valuable service at that!

Contact us for your walk through inspection.


Our News. 4 Reasons Why You Should Put “Hire a Home Inspector” at the Top Of Your To-Do List

In the news! So you’re 99.9% sure that you’re buying this house. You’ve already decorated it in your mind and pictured your long and happy life inside of it. 

But with the seller as excited about selling as you are about buying, do you really need to get a home inspection report? When that house is so close to being yours that you can taste it, it can be tempting to become one of the homebuyers who are choosing to skip the home inspection

But as it turns out, there are four really good reasons to hire a professional home inspector. Just keep reading to find out more news.

Reason #1: A Home Inspector Can Help You Avoid Overpaying

By the end of June 2021, the median price of a home in Canada was $688,208.

If you’re like most people, this is probably going to be one of the biggest purchases you’ll ever make. And when you have six figures of your own money on the line, making sure that you’re paying a fair price just makes sense.


Because houses aren’t always what they seem at first. 

That quirky staircase could have a loose railing or the bedroom could have an issue with its electrical wiring. Now imagine taking the time to build up your credit and learn how to read your credit report, only to discover later that you’ve grossly overpaid. Not fun is it?

If you don’t have the time or the expertise to spot these issues during your walkthrough, however, you could very well end up paying more for the house than you should be. 

The home inspection report will lay it all out for you. If there’s a red flag in the home purchase, you’ll know about it before you close.

Reason #2: A Home Inspector Can Show You a House’s True Colors

In any relationship, it takes time to meet the real person behind the I’m-on-my-best-behavior facade. But after that honeymoon period is over, sometimes you realize that you’ve met a friend for life. And other times, you experience the real person and think “I have seen enough.”.

Believe it or not, it’s the same with houses. 

When a seller puts their house up for sale, unless they’re selling the home as-is, chances are that they’ve taken steps to make the house look good. They’ve carefully staged the house to give it a look that says “You could be living here.”. They may have even painted the walls or taken a pressure washer to the siding to give the house that extra sparkle. 

If the house has problems with electrical wiring or is showing early signs of water damage, a home inspection report makes it possible for you to make an informed decision.

Reason #3: A Home Inspection Makes It Easier to Get Your Home Insured


You have to have it and you definitely don’t want to live in a house without it. 

After all, those payouts can be the difference between having a bit of money to rebuild your life after a devastating fire and having to start over with nothing.

However, there’s just one catch:

Insurance providers will often rely on the home inspection report to understand the state of the property before agreeing to insure it for you. 

So how can you avoid being the aspiring homeowner who couldn’t get home insurance? 

What steps can you take to reassure the insurance company that you’re not sticking them with a fixer-upper or a house with a known mold problem?

You hire a home inspector and you make sure they receive the report. 

Reason #4: You May Be Able to Secure a Discount on Your Home Purchase

A major part of the homebuying process is good old-fashioned negotiating. You make an offer. They counteroffer. You counteroffer their counteroffer. And then, eventually, you meet somewhere in the middle. 

However, a big part of succeeding in your quest for a lower purchasing price is being able to find solid reasons to negotiate the seller down. After all, both sides can disagree on whether the cabinets are deserving of a multi-thousand-dollar discount. 

The home inspection report gives you the assessment of an objective, third-party observer. If the inspector notices a problem with the house, that could give you the leverage you need to convince the seller that a discount is in everyone’s best interests.


Purchasing a home comes with a lot of moving pieces. When you’re not ironing out details with your real estate agent, you’re planning the logistics of your move. Although a home inspection may feel like you’re just adding to your list of more things to do, getting the task done can make your purchase easier in more ways than one.

Do you want to avoid overpaying? Are you looking to purchase the house for less or to get a general sense of the state of the house? 

Hire a qualified home inspector this in itself will help you with those goals.

News by Armstrong Home Inspections is meant to educate the public.

The news articles in this post are meant to give you insight. Contact Armstrong Home Inspections for your Pre Sale, Pre Purchase inspections.

Home inspection and foundation issues

So spring time is upon us, the ground water needs to move. Your home inspection includes looking for foundation issues.

Have you started your journey into purchasing a home, do you think you need a home inspection?

One of the area’s a home inspector will be looking at is the exterior of the foundation as well as the interior side of the foundation, that is the parts of the foundation which are visible.

If you want a dry home, the roof is not the only part that stops water.

The foundation is one of the leading factors when it comes to wet basements.

As a result, it is my opinion that nearly all foundations will have a fault of some sort.

I find that older block foundations as well as new poured foundations have cracks. Some small, some large.

Whether it be a settlement crack or a heave crack, it is still waters best friend.

Once water gets into a crack it will freeze and cause the crack to expand. this is inevitable. a crack must be fixed.

There are several reasons why cracks show up in foundations, ask me and I will tell you!

If you have bought a house and have had an inspection, make sure that the report includes the foundation.

During your inspection, walk around the exterior and interior, look for cracks and take pictures.

If you find a crack as a result of walking around, ask the inspector about it, make sure he or she has disclosed this.

A good home inspector will find cracks, if you find one but the inspector did not, let him or her know.

All home inspectors are trained to find visual defects however, we are human and could miss a crack.

Home inspection is an integral part of purchasing a home.

Foundation cracks found during a home inspection.
Foundation Crack

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How To

Home Inspections In Todays Market

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Home Inspections

With todays market, home inspections are being waved, inflated sales have caused the ability to include a home inspection in offers to be an instant loss of purchase.

As a result the highest offer which does not include conditions will win the purchase.

I personally do hope that this will change soon!

Home buyers need to know what they are buying before closing on an offer.

If home inspections are not performed on a home purchasers are literally taking a gamble on the words, “as is”.

One of the results could very well be in the area of the water supply system, for instance.

Many homes built used Poly B supply lines, So your offer has been accepted, you can’t back out now.

The one question your insurance agent will ask is, “What plumbing material is used in the home”.

You might take a look and read off the name on that grey pipe, oh the house has poly B (Polybutylene).

Your insurance agent is going to make it clear that you need to remove and have new plumbing installed.

Replacing the Poly B is the plumbing only.

You now have to, in most cases have a drywaller come in to repair those walls and ceilings.

Possibly a tile guy to replace or completely re tile a wall or two because now that tile is out dated.

Sellers please do not put buyers in a position where they are not granted the right to a home inspection.

Many people simply do not have the thousands of dollars for repairs.

I am aware that a home inspection could result in a buyer not closing on a deal, this does not mean that your house will not sell.

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Information On Ploy B