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Walk Through Home Inspections

We at Armstrong Home Inspections are proud to now offer, “Walk Through” Inspections.

In the new era of real-estate we have now evolved, we now offer “Walk Through Home Inspections.

You have to be comfortable with your decision and the risk you are taking on.

Walk through home inspections are now being offered and with this, you can now feel better with putting in an offer.

Much the same as a pre-purchase inspection we were accustom to in the past, you can now have an inspection as you look at the home.

Unlike the pre-purchase, we will walk you through the home in a way which allows you to see the following.

We will look at the roof, the exterior foundation including the cladding.

Once inside, we will be checking that all plumbing is free from leaks, toilets all flush properly.

Taking a look at the ceilings to ensure that there were no past leaks or water staining.

When it comes to windows and doors, making sure a representative number of windows open and the doors close properly.

Further items will be, looking at the furnace, water supply, waste water plumbing and type of plumbing materials used.

Electrical, this is very important. Looking for wiring issues, this part should never be left out.

The days of putting in the condition of a home inspection are for the most part gone, at least at this time.

Having an inspection done during your viewing whether it’s the first viewing or the second is your tool!

The cost of a walk through home inspection is less expensive then a pre-purchase inspection.

A walk through is not as comprehensive however, you will know about the major areas of the home in order to alleviate the stress of buying a serious problem.

Don’t skip the inspection, call us to book your walk through!